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Welcome to the official C.E. Byrd Class of 1970 Reunion Page!

This is the place to come for all the info you need to get yourself to C.E. Byrd High School's Class of 1970 Reunion, (which was held on May 19, 2012).

Photos from the 42nd Reunion Weekend!

Inside, you'll find the location for the dinner and dance, and a photo gallery with photos and memorabilia from our days at Byrd. (New to the photo gallery is a video tribute to Byrd from Herb Rubenstein.) 

There's also a blog with info and thoughts about the reunion, a hippy-dippy poster celebrating the reunion and other swag you don't need but can't live without. 

And finally, you can leave your thoughts, wishes and info in the comment section at the bottom of most of our pages. Be sure to check back often to stay up with the latest happenings!

We've also added a new section. It's our memorial page and it's dedicated to those that have gone on before us. So if you have some information on one of our fellow classmates passing, please contact us with their information.

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